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20 ft Modular Exhibit

Our modular screens’ interactive features fascinate event attendees


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Modular Trade Show Displays

20 ft Modular Exhibit offers flexibility and adaptability due to their wide range of interchangeable parts for different applications. Their distinctive looks guarantee that your exhibit stands out from the competition and makes an impression.
Our modular screens are the best option when going to a big event where your rivals will also be there. They automatically grab people’s attention by making a powerful first impression of your company.

For modular displays that highlight your brand as more than simply a brand, pick Print Popup Stands. It displays your dedication to excellence, quality, and a stunning first impression that will enthral your audience.

Spacious and Impactful Design: The generous size of a 20 ft modular exhibit provides ample space for creating a visually impactful display. With its spacious layout, this exhibit allows you to showcase your brand, products, or messaging in a prominent and attention-grabbing manner. The exhibit’s expansive design provides a commanding presence on the show floor, capturing attention and drawing in visitors. Whether you’re incorporating interactive displays, product demos, or multimedia presentations, the spaciousness of a 20 ft modular exhibit offers the flexibility to create an immersive and engaging experience for attendees.

Scalability and Ease of Setup: One of the key advantages of a 20 ft modular exhibit is its scalability and ease of setup. The modular components can be expanded or reduced to fit different booth sizes, giving you the flexibility to adapt to various event spaces. The lightweight and portable nature of the exhibit components makes transportation and setup hassle-free, saving you time and effort. With its modular design and ease of setup, a 20 ft modular exhibit allows you to create a visually stunning display that can be easily adjusted to meet the demands of different events and venues.


20' x 10'


1, 2


Dye Sublimation Print


1 OCE Case, 1 SCRATE Case


Black, Grey, Maple, White


Black, Grey, Maple, White


7 Business Days

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