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Outdoor Wall Decals

With Outdoor Wall Graphics from Print PopUp Stands, you can turn your walls into an engaging advertising environment

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Outdoor Wall Decals from Print PopUp Stands, you can turn your walls into an engaging advertising environment. Our removable wall decals are perfect for temporary signs since they adhere cleanly to any flat surface. These decals are excellent for changing your brand, logo, or name because they have a silver backdrop that obscures any underlying graphics. Just send us your unique design, and we’ll take care of the rest. Check out our Street and Sidewalk Decals if you’re seeking for ground decals.

Our Stick Wall Decals may be easily applied and removed without the use of any special tools, are weather- and abrasion-resistant, and conform to uneven surfaces. They are ideal for directing foot traffic, marketing events, branding businesses, and other uses because they are certified slip-resistant. Full-color, 4 mil adhesive-backed vinyl with a lustre finish is readily available.

Weather Resistance and Durability: Outdoor wall decals are specifically designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor environments. Constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials such as vinyl or adhesive-backed fabric, these decals are resistant to fading, peeling, and damage caused by sun exposure, rain, or temperature fluctuations. The robust construction ensures that the decals maintain their vibrant colors and sharp details, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Whether it’s on building exteriors, fences, or outdoor structures, outdoor wall decals provide a long-lasting solution to enhance the visual impact of your outdoor spaces.


16" x 20", 18" x 24", 20" x 30", 24" x 36", 28" x 40"


1, 2, 5, 10


Anti-Slip Textured Vinyl, Textured Aluminum Foil


No, Yes


No, Yes


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