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5 ft Tabletop Pop Up Display

Looking for a portable yet eye-catching display option? Look no further than the tabletop pop-up displays from Print Popup Stands


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5 ft Tabletop Pop Up Display these displays are ideal for situations where you have a small amount of area but still want to create a large impression because they are made to maximise impact while saving space.

Tabletop pop-up displays are made specifically to be placed on tabletops and offer the same dynamic graphics as their larger counterparts seen at trade exhibits and events. Visitors are immediately drawn to the display when it is elevated on a table, making sure that your message stands out among the noise. At some events, these tabletop displays may even be taller than typical pop-up displays, increasing their exposure even further.

Compact and Portable Design: The compact size of a 5 ft tabletop pop-up display makes it ideal for limited spaces or when you need a focused presentation. Despite its small footprint, this display packs a punch by effectively utilizing the available space to showcase your brand in a captivating way. The tabletop design allows you to set up your display on any flat surface, making it convenient for various events or marketing campaigns. Its portable design ensures that you can effortlessly transport and set up your display at different locations, providing flexibility and convenience for your promotional activities.

Eye-Catching Graphics and Visual Impact: Although smaller in size, a 5 ft tabletop pop-up display delivers impressive visual impact. The high-quality graphics are custom-printed with vibrant colors and sharp details, ensuring that your brand visuals stand out. The graphics are applied to the display using high-resolution printing techniques, resulting in a visually stunning and professional appearance. The compact size of the display ensures that your graphics are showcased in a focused and attention-grabbing manner, capturing the interest of your target audience and effectively communicating your marketing message.

Versatility and Easy Setup: A 5 ft tabletop pop-up display offers versatility and ease of setup. The display features a collapsible frame that effortlessly expands into a sturdy structure, providing a stable base for your graphics. The tension fabric panels are attached to the frame, creating a seamless and wrinkle-free display. This versatility allows you to update or change your graphics for different events or promotions, ensuring that your display remains fresh and relevant. The easy setup process enables you to quickly assemble and disassemble the display, saving you time and effort during your marketing activities.


5' x 5'


1, 2, 5, 10


Polyester Knit Fabric


Dye Sublimation Print


Soft Canvas Bag


4 Business Days

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