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Gator Boards

Enhance your business with Print PopUp Stands Gatorboard signs crafted from a lightweight polystyrene core and premium rigid paper faces.

Gator Boards crafted from a lightweight polystyrene core and premium rigid paper faces. Our direct printing process utilizes UVink to bring your custom design to life, ensuring a professional and eye-catching appearance. The durability of our gatorboard allows for multiple uses, making it a cost-effective choice.

Perfect for retail signage, captivating storefront displays, and more, this indoor sign will elevate your business to new heights. Trust Print PopUp Stands for high-quality Gator board signs that make a lasting impression.

Sturdy Construction and Durability: Gator boards are known for their sturdy construction, making them a reliable choice for various applications. They are made from a dense foam core sandwiched between two layers of durable, rigid paper or plastic. This composition provides exceptional strength and resistance to bending or warping, ensuring that your gator board remains in pristine condition even in high-traffic or busy environments. Whether you’re using them for displays in retail settings, trade shows, or as signage in offices or exhibitions, gator boards offer long-lasting durability that withstands the test of time.

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