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4 ft Straight Tension Fabric Display

You want to improve your trade show appearance, right? For floor displays, go no further than Print Popup Stands!


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4 ft Straight Tension Fabric Display for floor displays, go no further than Print Popup Stands! These exhibits are constructed from tough polyester knit fabric, which forms a seamless blanket-like wrap for a substantial stand to display your work. You may relax knowing that the polyester fabric ensures great durability, removing concerns about tearing or damage. Floor displays, as opposed to typical pop-up displays, have rounded sides that give your presentation a special touch. Although there are some changes, floor displays are just as simple to assemble as regular pop-ups. Floor displays are quite portable because of how light and small they are, which makes it simple to move them in a carrying case. They are therefore the ideal option for companies and organizations with hectic trade show schedules.

Compact and Engaging Design: The compact size of a 4 ft straight tension fabric display makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces or when you want to create an intimate and focused presentation. Despite its smaller footprint, this display packs a punch by effectively utilizing the available space to showcase your brand in a captivating way. The straight design provides a clean and professional look that complements any environment, ensuring that your message stands out and engages your target audience.


4' x 7.5


1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100


Polyester Knit Fabric


Dye Sublimation Print


Front, Front and Back


1 Business Day

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